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Since 1994,  MACHINERY CO.,LTD. has specialized in the development and manufacturing of precision spindles for professional machine tools. Much of its advanced technology is drawn from an internationally well known Japanese partner company. General Manager Mr. Peng Sen-rong worked the early days of his career in a well known domestic machinery equipment manufacturer which produced spindles, CNC lathes, tool changers, tailstocks and transmissions. Having amassed decades of hands-on experience in addition to rigorous training in Japan, Mr. Peng is now an authority in the development and production of precision spindles. Under his remarkable leadership, each member of his staff is constantly diligent. At present,  already ranks among leading global brands of precision spindle manufacturers.

Current monthly output averages 1000 units, an achievement warranting the building of a second 2000 square foot production facility. This year’s output is expected to triple in the face of increased demands in China, Europe and the United States.  implements an extremely tight quality control policy, evident through ISO-9001 authentication. All production management is conducted in coordination with customer requirements. Throughout all stages of production all spindle products are heavily monitored and subject to random diagnostic testing. The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction; subsequently a flawless quality control system is prerequisite.

Although the domestic output value of machinery in Taiwan has been great for many years, a lasting trend has been shortsightedness regarding attached value. In light of this,  embarked years ago with heavy investment in high-tech R&D of built-in motor high precision spindles. Markets progressively developed in advanced regions like America, Europe and Japan.  cooperates tactically and technically with a top German manufacturer of spindles, making it one of the few domestic producers capable of such refined technology. Built-in spindles are capable of reaching faster speeds, and achieve greater precision at high speed cutting. The fact that they require less space is a tremendous benefit for mechanical design; the end result being higher levels of attached value.

 projects corporate development in five year increments. Initially the focus was on catering to its domestic market, and four years ago it began to develop the market in China. With the first stronghold set up in Shanghai, it soon was supplying major names like Da Lian, Ji Nan Machine Group and Hua Dong CNC with high precision spindles. In 2005, output rose to 10 thousand units, which compared to the same period of the previous year was a 35% growth. In fact,  has averaged an impressive 20% annual growth over its years of operation. The next stage of development is already being mapped out at present, and as the company develops its latest PCB and built-in spindles, the springboard into European and American domains is well in the making.

Tactical strategist Michael Porter is quoted as saying, “There are two basic strategies an enterprise can implement. The first is low operation costs. The second is to produce a distinguished product. A company must choose whether it wants to compete in a price war, or whether it wants to distinguish itself in its particular industry by the quality of its products.”

With price wars raging the way they are at present,  has committed itself to a different type of competition. Specifically, relentless technical advancement coupled with the characteristics of reliability, precision and quality are the cornerstones of its high precision spindle development. According to General Manager Mr. Peng, “It’s not a difficult task for a small man to wrestle a larger one. With the right skills, tactics and assiduousness, anything is possible.”


With in-depth knowledge of spindle design and engineering,  is perfectly placed to deliver the ideal solution for your unique requirements. Decades of accumulated experience and an extensive product range enable us to provide world-class spindles for a range of applications. With international certification (SGS ISO9001 2008), rigorous testing procedures, and a total commitment to quality, we guarantee the performance and reliability of our products.


Applying the most advanced systems and technologies to continuously improve our products has been at the core of Posa’s business philosophy since our founding in 1994. The expertise of our General Manager Mr. Peng Sen-rong and our partnership with a leading Japanese company ensure our continued dedication to development, innovation, and product quality.


2017 Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS)

Hall 1: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition Hall

Hall 2: EXPO Dome
Hall 3: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3
Hall 4: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
Booth: Hall1-1F-D0415
Date:  3/ 7~ 3/ 12 , 2017
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